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A Gusto 54 Floor Manager is the conductor of our individual services. They ensure our guests are having the Awesome Gusto experience that we’re known for and that our team members are loving their job, every day. They are excited to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and play a part in achieving success in our business. The right person for this role will be able to both look at the big picture but also pay close attention to detail. They should have excellent communication skills and excel at giving effective feedback.

 The Scope of the role and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Curate an Awesome Guest Experience
    • Follow and enforce systems to ensure consistency in product and service
    • Touch tables and build rapport with Guests and perform quality investigations
    • Maintain Pristine Physical Plant
    • Perform Guest recoveries when necessary
  • Create a Supportive, Safe and Growth Oriented Work Environment
    • Foster an environment of happy people making people happy
    • Conduct Pre-Shift meetings
    • Audit Staff performances and give in the moment feedback
    • Work Safely in accordance with Health & Safety Act
    • Hold regular training meetings to consistently develop knowledge and skills of team members
  • Manage Daily Operations
    • Perform Comps, Voids and other POS functions
    • Employee Scheduling
    • Ensure restaurant is staffed to maintain optimal profit margins
    • Check Inventory, order FOH Supplies
    • Inspect and sign for incoming orders
    • Open/Close restaurant in accordance with daily checklists
    • Follow and Enforce Company Policies and Procedures
    • Cash handling & reconciliation – balance tills, provide due-backs
  • Continually Develop Management Skills
    • Ongoing development of product knowledge
    • Use strategic thinking when collaborating with GM on new systems and processes
    • Keeping up to date with Industry Trends

Preference will be given to candidates with:

  • Minimum 2 Year Supervisor/Management Experience
  • Intermediate to Advanced wine and beverage knowledge
  • High level of service standards
  • Strong Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Valid First Aid & Smart Serve Certification
  • Passionate, Positive and Approachable Mindsets

Reports to: General Manager, AGM




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