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At Gusto 54, the Baker is critical in the daily operations of both our restaurants as well as our catering department. A Baker is responsible for ensuring that all of the required breads are ready to be delivered for service and prepared for large and small scale private events. They maintain a clean physical space and receive deliveries from our suppliers. A Baker is a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue a career as a Head Baker or even Chef.

The scope of the role and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prepare Menu Components
    • Bake different bread types on prep/delivery schedule for our Italian Toronto restaurants, Gusto 101 & Trattoria Nervosa. Our bread is baked twice a day; early AM and early PM.
  • Maintain Cleanliness of Prep Area
    • Sanitize prep surfaces between tasks
    • Store and label all prepped items in accordance with Health and Safety Standards
    • Dispose of garbage and waste
  • Examine and Accept Supplier Deliveries
    • Verify that all items are accurate to order placed
    • Verify that expiry dates have not passed
  • Supportive of Catering & Commissary Kitchen Operations
    • Perform supporting duties such as cleaning outside of your personal workspace
    • Assist in other basic role profile duties to support others

Preference will be given to candidates with:

  • Basic knife skills
  • Baking Education Programs or Applicable Experience
  • Ability to work independently
  • Thorough understanding of safe food handling

Reports to: Chef de Cuisine



Work Experience

We ask all applicants to kindly upload a copy of your most recent resume before submitting.

About the job availability

Please indicate the number of hours per week you would like to work, and if there is a time in the evening which you cannot or prefer not to work past.

Please mark any shifts that you are available to work. Lunch shifts begin as early as 10:00 am and dinner shifts can end as late as 2:00 am.








Please indicate when you are available to start. If you are a student or would prefer temporary work, please indicate when you will be leaving.

Additional Notes

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