Gusto 54 Mini Chefs

As a collection of community-minded food-lovers, we’re passionate about enriching people with the capacity to eat in healthy and sustainable ways. In the fall of 2015, while searching for opportunities to share this same passion with others, a group of inspired Gusto 54 community members came together to create the Mini Chefs program.

Today, Mini Chefs represents our commitment to giving back to our community by fostering health literacy and food equality while cultivating foundational culinary skills in a fun, interactive and educational environment. As an entirely (and proudly!) home-grown program that was a dream in-the-making for 2 years, we’re so unbelievably happy to have finally made it a reality.

Read on for a recap of our VERY FIRST Mini Chefs session:

On Monday, November 27th, twenty-three grade 7 & 8 students from our local elementary school, St. Paul’s, stopped by our Catering & Commissary Kitchen for our inaugural Gusto 54 Mini Chefs lesson! These eager chefs-in-training brought major heat to both the classroom and the kitchen, learning all about nutrition & honing their culinary skills.

For the first half of our morning together, our Mini Chefs learned about foundational nutritional concepts with former Gusto 101 server and Nutritionist-to-be, Leaura, and current Gusto 101 Manager, Caitlyn, before moving into the kitchen to test their culinary knowledge by preparing a fruit salad and sweet potato soup with Gusto 54 Catering Executive Chef, Davide, and current Gusto 101 server, Claire. Before heading back to school our Mini Chefs wrapped up their day at Gusto 54 with a taste of their tasty (+healthy!) creations.

We’re incredibly proud of our Gusto Gives Back team for building this program from the ground up – we think we’re on to something really special and can’t wait for lesson number two!

Stay tuned for more Mini Chefs updates in 2018!


We hope that you’ll share in our vision to inspire and empower healthy habits, choices and lifestyles.