Esquire’s BEST New Restaurant in America: Felix

WOW! Our minds have officially been blown. We can hardly express how absolutely humbled and honoured we are that Felix has been chosen as Esquire’s #1 pick for BEST NEW RESTAURANT IN AMERICA (has a nice ring to it, hey?)! Our deepest, most heartfelt thank you to the entire Felix #squadra for crushing it on the daily, and our sincerest gratitude to Esquire for this incredible recognition!

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“The delirium of dining at Felix hits you right away: that first sip of a white negroni, that first hot-to-the-fingertips pillow of sfincione bread. Something is going on here, you think. You watch the chef, Evan Funke, bullish and bearded, rolling sheets of dough by hand in a glassed-in bunker like some ancient Minotaur-lord of pasta. And when that pasta begins coming to the table—perfect tender-chewy waves of tonnarelli, orecchiette, trofie, mezzemaniche—you abandon language and start communicating with grunts and moans. Simultaneously comforting and thrilling, traditional and innovative, Felix is not only the best new restaurant in America; it’s the kind of operation that makes you feel, when you’re lucky enough to be in the middle of it, that it’s the incarnation of everything life ought to be.”