Awesome Award Winner’s Dinner 2017

Ain’t no party like a Gusto 54 party! On June 26th, our #proudbosslady, Janet Zuccarini, hosted a special dinner for some pretty awesome people, namely our 2017 Awesome Award Winners! Our 12 winners were nominated by their peers throughout the year for having gone above and beyond the call of duty and truly embodying the core spirit of our Gusto Family Values. So, in honour of them bringing their contagious positivity, passion and soulful hospitality to the table (quite literally) every day, we gathered together our winners from Gusto 101, Trattoria Nervosa, Gusto 54 Catering & Commissary Kitchen and Home Office to join Janet and the Gusto 54 leadership team for an intimate evening of dinner and drinks in celebration of their sheer awesomeness.

Magic was in the air as these superstars munched on delicious (and not to mention gorgeously plated) food catered by Chef Nuit and her dream team at Kiin, all while sipping on Chubby’s-inspired cocktails and tasty Italian wines.  All in all the night was, well… AWESOME!