Bottoms Up: 17 Questions with Jordan L’abbé

We caught up with Gusto 101 bartender, (and one of Tequila Tromba’s honourary “Toronto’s Best Bartenders” mixologists!) Jordan L’Abbé, and asked him about the weirdest thing he’s ever imbibed, tricks of the trade, and everything in between. Bottoms up!


 1) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Fun, weird & honest.

2) Favorite drink to make?

Boulevardier (whisky, sweet vermouth, and campari).

3) One drink/alcohol trend you hate?

I hate vodka, it’s super boring!

4) Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule or Martini?

Gin & Tonic all day.

5) Biggest mentor?

Dale DeGroff aka “King Cocktail.”

6) Red, White or Rosé wine? Why?

Rosé. It can be dry or sweet, sparkling or still.

7) All-time favorite beer? 

“Cockpuncher” by Indie Alehouse Brewing Company.

8) Weirdest drink you’ve ever had anyone order?

Vodka Soda, every ingredient in its own glass.

9) If you could mix any cocktail for anyone in the world – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Patrick Stewart, he’s a theatrical genius and opinionated on everything.

10) One piece of advice you could give an aspiring bartender?

Try everything, both in tasting and in inventing drinks.

11) What do you think has changed most about the bartending industry in the past few years?

The general alcohol knowledge of the public.

12) Strangest thing you’ve ever consumed?

Snake whisky.

*Yes, unfortunately, it is what you think- alcohol infused with snakes.

13) What would you pair with the Cavolo Nero?

Gavi White Wine; it’s dryness and minerality pairs well with the salad.

14) Most underrated cocktail?

Traditional lime daiquiri.

15) What is the most important quality for any successful bartender to possess?

The ability to listen and respond.

16) If you weren’t a bartender what would you be doing right now?


17) “You will never taste [this ingredient] in one of Jordan L’Abbé’s drinks”